File splitter. Free software written in C.
Latest version: 1.0 (2007-03-28)

Simple command-line file splitter. Split a (binary) file into a specified number of slices, or slices of a specified size. Output files are automatically numbered, and can be easily concatenated (using "copy" or "cat") to recover the original file. Slice supports large files over 4 GB. Free software written in C.

System Requirements

The Cygwin runtime library (cygwin1.dll) is required to run the Windows OS executable included in the package; to run on other operating systems, simply recompile from source.


Slice is released with source code under the GNU General Public License (version 2).

Source Code


Slice automatically numbers the output files, e.g. work.dat.001, work.dat.002, and so on. By default, Slice displays a progress indicator, and will not overwrite existing output files.

Usage Syntax

slice [command] <switches> ["File"]


[command] is a positive integer followed possibly by the character 'x'. With the 'x', the integer gives the total number of slices; without the 'x', the integer gives the maximum size of each slice in bytes.

−s Suppress progress indicator (improves speed)
−o Overwrite existing output files

["File"] is the name of the file to be split.


  1. Split the file into 5 slices:
    slice 5x work.dat
  2. Split the file into slices that are at most 123456 bytes each:
    slice 123456 work.dat
  3. Split the file into 5 slices, and suppress the progress indicator:
    slice 5x -s work.dat
  4. Split the file into 5 slices, and automatically overwrite existing output files:
    slice 5x -o work.dat


Comments, suggestions, and bug reports are welcomed! Please send any feedback you have about Slice to email address, or visit the Slice homepage at to post a message, bug report, or download the latest version of Slice. Logo